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ClientArben C.Installed OnMarch, 2022ModuleQCell 395WInverterEnphase IQ7+ MicroinvertersBattery StorageNoneFinancierSunnovaShare

Arben in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arben is financially savvy. He always looks for ways to save, invest and grow his money. When Ark Solar taught him about the return solar can make him, this is what he said,

“Who would of thought I could make passive income from my roof. From increasing the value of my home to state and federal incentives, I’ll have my system paid off in no time. And have no utility bill in the near future!”

We took time to sit with Arben to fully explain how solar works and what to expect. We explained how we would be there to hold their hand every step of his journey. He was impressed.

Arben’s System by the Numbers:
  • 8.56kW system producing 9,200kWh (Year 1)1
  • 105% offset of annual energy consumption
  • Price protected with warranties & guarantees for up to 35 Years
  • Eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit & State level Renewable Energy Credit (REC) for 15 years
Tier-1 Equipment
  • QCell G10+ Black on Black 395 Watt Modules
  • Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters
  • Ecofasten Mounting System
Project Timeline1
  • Site Survey within 72 hours
  • Final System Design within 14 days
  • Permits & Interconnection Approved within 45 days
  • Re-roof in one day
  • Solar installed in one day
  • Inspection PASS within 14 days
  • Permission to Operate (PTO) given by utility within 30 days
  • Project Completed within 150 days

1 Results vary. Terms and Conditions apply.