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Homeowners are going Solar .

People are going Solar in droves. Here’s why.

Some say, financial freedom is the new “wealthy”. Brilliant Solar provides stability in one area we are all certain to pay for—electricity.

Sign up for Solar and control your utility rate for decades.

Protecting our planet is everyone’s responsibility. Going Solar is your way to have a great positive impact. Help us save the planet.

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The sun is the most abundant natural resource in the universe. We use state-of-the-art tech & equipment to see how much your property can harness to produce the electricity you need year round.

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Paying less for clean energy compared to high-cost traditional utilities is a value add to any property. Studies show property values in some markets increase by 4% per FORBES or $20 in addtional value for every $1 saved per NREL.

See if your property qualifies.

Your savings start immediately. Your rate per kilowatt-hour can potentially be 30% less than traditional utility rates. Sometimes even less.

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*Results vary. Terms & conditions apply.

Smart home technology is now integrated with your solar system with applications provided by the manufacturers. Have your system's performance data at your fingertips.
Customers are very happy with Brilliant Solar. We make customers our top priority.
Let's talk about

How the Sun shares its power.

Fun fact:  The amount of sunlight that hits the earth’s surface for one hour is enough solar power for a thousand years. Watch and learn more about how we harness the Sun.

Be Brilliant.


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